Zurich, Switzerland, August 17, 2021 – Embotech, the leading provider of autonomous driving systems for private grounds, today announced that they are joining forces with AXYARD – the technology innovation initiative within the Daimler spin-off 1886Ventures – specialized in automated on-site logistics with driverless trucks. Together, they will automate yard logistics.

With the integration of the AXYARD team, Embotech offers end-to-end logistics automation solutions to customers from a dedicated new business unit for logistics automation. The infrastructure-assisted autonomous driving solution is based on fully electric vehicles and developed specifically for operation in logistics yards, ports and airports.
While autonomous driving on public roads currently remains a promise of the future, applications on private grounds already offer game-changing potential:

  • Increased productivity and flexibility leading to cost reductions
  • CO2 emissions reduction by using electric vehicles and efficiency improvement by using smaller fleets
  • Transparency of logistics processes enabling operational efficiency gains
  • Enhanced safety and reliability with redundant systems

Embotech, together with AXYARD, delivers tailor-made solutions with state-of-the-art autonomous driving technology, expert domain knowledge and strong partners for IT infrastructure and 24/7 operations.


“The AXYARD team brings several years of experience in yard logistics automation including the deployment of a fleet of 7 autonomous trucks that are in operations in southern Germany since mid-2020. We have created a new business unit at Embotech which combines yard logistics knowhow from the AXYARD team with world-class autonomous driving software from Embotech to offer customers complete Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) solutions. We are thoroughly excited about the potential of these solutions in the European and global yard logistics automation markets”, Andreas Kyrtatos, CEO of Embotech.

“The new partnership between the AXYARD project and Embotech will be highly beneficial because the domain know-how of the AXYARD team and the technical competence at Embotech complement each other perfectly. This creates a powerful competence center for automated on-site logistics with driverless vehicles and offers unequaled opportunities in the industry for potential customers. After a successful incubation at 1886Ventures and with a running proof-of-concept, we wish the team further great success.”, Susanne Hahn, Managing Partner at 1886Ventures.

About Embotech
Embotech is a leading provider of autonomous driving systems for private grounds, with focus on logistics and mining applications. With proven technology in decision making software for autonomous systems, Embotech brings the L4 automated driving system based on its PRODRIVER virtual driver software. The system is capable of planning and executing highly complex and dynamic maneuvers, which makes it ideal for driving around dynamic obstacles, tight spaces and in mixed traffic. Embotech is currently putting such a system into serial production for car OEM factory logistics, with SOP mid-2022.

AXYARD is a dedicated initiative within 1886Ventures, the technology group for sustainable and digital industry innovation and new venture building. Spun-off from Daimler in 2020, it was originally born at the heart of Daimler in 2007 as their innovation department. The AXYARD team is specialized in automated on-site logistics with driverless vehicles and started in 2017 as an innovation project for Daimler AG using Mercedes-Benz trucks. With demonstrated experience in the yard logistics domain, AXYARD brings knowledge in the implementation of productive systems for automated logistics, deep insights in the customer use cases, strong project management skills and an existing customer base including projects with SOP in Q4 2022 and early 2023.

Media contact for more information:

Giorgio Corbellini, Head of Logistics Automation


+41 78 212 3358


PRESS RELEASE PDF for download: 210817_PR_Embotech&AXYARD