Empowering Autonomous Vehicles to Make Better Decisions

Motion Planning & Energy Management

The automotive industry is about to be distrupted through two major breakthroughs: electrification and autonomous driving. Embotech has developed software solutions catering to both needs, enabling vehicles to be more efficient and safe.


The 3 pillars of autonomous driving are Sensing, Localization and Mapping, and Motion Planning. Embotech focuses on Motion Planning. Using our core technology FORCES PRO as a basis, we have developed a series of products which address all levels of autonomous driving. Our Motion Planner supports level 2+ to level 5 embedded and infrastructure based self-driving functions. Our Motion Planner comes in 3 modules: ProParker, a low-speed maneuverer for up to 30km/h able to avoid moving obstacles, ProCruiser, capable of any highway driving scenario and ProUrbanDriver (under development) enabling the vehicle to navigate in complex city environments. The software is agnostic to the type of sensors and can run on any hardware platform, either Embedded on the car or Infrastructure-based.


Embotech has also developed an Energy Manager for hybrid and electric vehicles. This software is a long horizon optimizer for energy consumption and battery range optimisation, taking into account traffic and road profile information ahead of the vehicle.


  • Build on state-of-the-art real-time optimization technology
  • Capable of planning complex maneuvers at the physical limits, delivers smooth driving trajectories and passenger comfort
  • Large scope for customization of driving style by customer
  • Fast adaptation to future vehicles – no machine learning or vehicle training for motion planning
  • Deterministic mathematical approach based on physics, allowing for easier certification
  • Same motion planning core for all ADAS/AD functions – from ACC to full autonomy

FORCES PRO for Automotive:

FORCES PRO – the basis of all our products – is the ideal solution when it comes to automotive-related applications due to its:

  • Unique mathematical and numerical core
  • Capability to perform complex motion planning in real-time while maximizing code reuse among different modules
  • Tailor-made modules for full capability (exploitation) of the core numerical solver
  • Speed & robustness
  • Portability – written in C code
  • Flexibility to be integrated in various applications: i) vehicle-embedded applications for on-board real-time trajectory generation, ii) infrastructure-based applications, i.e. with sensing in the building/infrastructure and computing in the cloud

    solutions tested by industry

    Our automotive solutions have already been successfully tested in demanding situations with automotive clients.

    AMZ RACING: For example, FORCES PRO has been the path tracking software of choice for the AMZ Racing team ETH Zurich. The AMZ team has won the “Formula Student Driverless” world championship for autonomous vehicles in two consecutive years (2017 and 2018). FORCES PRO was the selected AMZ Racing software due to its speed, precision, robustness and capability to deliver flawlessly in such a demanding environment. In 2018, the AMZ team was twice as fast as the second-ranked team. A video of the winning autonomous AMZ vehicle for 2018 can be seen on the top of this screen.

    12 PROOF OF CONCEPTS: Our Motion Planner is being tested in 12+ POCs with European and North American OEMs. The first projects expect start of production with serial software by end of 2020. Contact us for more detailed information on the status of POCs (most of which are under NDA). 

    More detailed info on our Automotive activities can be found under Resources and Downloads