Electrification has become the next big thing for the automotive industry. Due to the technological and physical limitations of current energy storage technologies, driving range is one of the bigger challenges when it comes to public acceptance.

Embotech’s Energy Manager makes use of state-of-the-art numerical optimization technologies in order deliver the optimum range out of the given powertrain / energy storage setup. It seamlessly optimizes the velocity profile, the battery state-of-charge and, in the case of hybrid powertrains, the power distribution between combustion engine and electric motor. 

Taking advantage of long-horizon road profile and traffic information, the Embotech Energy Manager makes use of the highest-efficiency operation points to minimize energy consumption, always staying inside the feasible operating points of the non-linear motor.


  • Builds on state-of-the-art real-time optimization technology
  • Delivers smooth driving trajectories – passenger comfort
  • Customizable based on the driving style of the customer
  • Easily adapted for any vehicles – no machine learning or vehicle training for motion planning
  • Achieves close to global energy optimal driving in real-world scenarios (not limited to driving cycles / offline)
  • Very close to an offline Dynamic Programming solution
  • Delivering on a ~5km horizon and an update rate of ~100ms 
  • Uses non-linear maps of the powertrain components 
  • Uses complex constraints