What we do for industrial machines

The world is seeing a rapid advancement in deployment and automation of industrial machines. We live in a time with high availability of real-time sensor information as well as computational power in such systems, both of which are yet to be fully exploited. Embotech’s FORCES PRO enables you to shift from making an industrial system simply operate, to optimizing its performance potential by deploying and fully utilizing the power of physics-driven numerical optimization technology. With our embeddable software, optimal trade-offs between maximum productivity vs. accuracy and process quality requirements are achieved, giving the users of automated industrial machines maximum flexibility for machine operation.


Our optimization technology is successfully maximizing the real-time operation of wind turbines and is enhancing the performance of sheet metal processing systems, industrial robots, and many more applications. Some examples:

  • Wind Turbine pitch control
  • Sheet metal laser-cutting/bending optimization
  • Robotic arm motion planning optimization
  • Drones flight optimization for cinematography
  • Combustion engine airpath and idle speed control
  • Customized applications depending on interest



  • Enables optimal control of industrial machines and equipment
  • Allows design of solutions that enable prioritization of machine objectives such as accuracy and productivity on the fly
  • Unique mathematical and numerical core that enables complex motion planning with obstacle avoidance
  • Generates library-free, statically allocated C code
  • No dependency on external libraries
  • Solutions can be implemented on various targets (e.g. embedded system or a higher-level manufacturing execution system)




Solvers for mathematical optimization algorithms that are generated by FORCES Pro can be used in a variety of computational architectures for smart grids. In decision support systems on desktop computers or hosted in the cloud, their rigorous model-based approach based on an accurate physical description of the energy system provides a robust foundation for complex decision processes. At the same time, because the algorithms are tailored to the particular problem structure, they provide exceptional computational performance enabling their use even on resource-limited industrial control systems. Our software has been used by Vestas and Alstom (now General Electric) for optimal control of wind turbines, more information below:


Wind turbines from Vestas

Vestas, the world leader in wind-energy, uses FORCES Pro to easily develop advanced control systems for their wind turbines, leading to better structural stability at the same excellent electrical efficiency.

ABB: MPC for highly dynamic motion control systems

ABB demonstrates the feasibility of MPC for a highly dynamic motion control system on a standard AC500 PLC using FORCES PRO.

Power electronics

This example shows how FORCES Pro can been used for DC-DC converter control, what benefits model-predictive controllers have over traditional PI-controllers, and how the system can be simulated with PLECSIM®.