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At Embotech we are committed to working in close cooperation with our customers and partners. We value the feedback we get from clients and partners as well as the awards we receive from public institutions.

The vast majority of our customers are under NDA. Featured logos represent a small sample of those Embotech customers and partners with whom we have been publicly announced.


Vestas uses FORCES Pro to implement wind turbine production controllers using a holistic model of the wind turbine generator and the support structure. The optimal control algorithm provides intuitive tuning parameters, has been deployed in the field since 2015, and provides significantly better performance compared to standard control methods. Read more

One of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines, Alstom, ran an optimal controller generated by FORCES Pro for 5 days non-stop on a hardware-in-the-loop simulation. The controller was able to meet the real-time deadlines, and delivered an improved performance when compared to standard wind turbine controllers. In particular, the mechanical stress on the turbine tower and rotor blades has been significantly reduced. Read more

Renault has been using our software for a recent demonstration of an emergency obstacle avoidance driver assistant system that controls the car at its physical limits to automatically avoid an obstacle just as well as a professional driver would. Read more and watch the video on TechCrunch

Researchers of ABB in Germany have implemented an optimal control scheme for trajectory following for an ABB belt drive using embotech’s design tool FORCES Pro. The challenges were the time-varying dynamics of the drive as well as the computationally extremely limited industrial control platform. After initial simulations, the generated code was successfully downloaded to an ABB AC500 PLC and was meeting the real-time requirements, while delivering improved control performance. Read more

Researchers from the Institute of Automatic Control and the Institute for Combustion Engines at RWTH Aachen used FORCES Pro for rapid prototyping and implementation of a nonlinear model-predictive controller for a two-stage turbocharger in a gasoline engine. FORCES Pro made it possible to find suitable control parameters with only very limited test time. The resulting controller is easily deployed to prototyping hardware and meets the challenging requirements for control performance and computation times. Read more


For us, FORCES Pro combines a state-of-the-art solver with easy integration in existing software such as MATLAB and Simulink for simulation and code generation, as well as excellent support. We are impressed by the team’s flexibility to help and to include special features on our request.

Tobias Gybel Hovgaard, Control Specialist, Vestas Technology R&D, Denmark.

The code generator FORCES Pro enabled us to achieve real-time performance of the model based controller on a production wind turbine control platform, saving us significant embedded software development efforts.

Marc Guadayol, Wind turbine control engineer, Alstom Barcelona, Spain

We were impressed by the robustness and performance of FORCES Pro on our standard AC500, and by how easy it was to integrate the new controller into the existing software stack.

Dr. Kim Listmann, Senior Scientist, ABB Corporate Research Center, Ladenburg, Germany

I was one of the first customers and adopters when Embotech first released FORCES PRO. As the fastest and easiest to use optimal control solver I found on the market, my research group and myself have used it since to design and implement vehicle stability control algorithms in prototyping hardware. Recent research funding allowed me to purchase a licence for another three years to design autonomous driving algorithms for control at the limit of handling

Dr. Stefano Longo, Course Director Automotive Mechatronics, Advanced Vehicle Engineering Centre, Cranfield University, UK

Awards & Nominations

EU H2020 funding 

Embotech’s project “Motion Planning Software for Autonomous Car Industry” has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No. 836777. Horizon 2020 is investing in smart and sustainable SME solutions for the future with emphasis on excellent science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenges.



Sponsorship engagement

Embotech supports specific activities and initiatives of university associations and nonprofit organizations that enable students and researchers to exchange experience and knowledge, complement theory with practice and grow beyond themselves by pushing technological boundaries.
In order to maximize our sponsorship efforts, we focus on areas where we have significant expertise and capabilities:  Embotech’s current sponsorship programs include student formula electric and driverless race cars as well as space engineering. In these projects, we have the chance to support interdisciplinary teams with great minds and passionate drive who are achieving stunning results.

We show commitment to enable the commitment of others!


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