Embotech and our partners offer a complete ready-to-be-deployed solution for Automated Factory Parking (AFP) and Automated Valet Parking (AVP) which solves the problem of autonomously moving vehicles in car factories and parking locations respectively. The only requirement for vehicles to have drive-by-wire and minimum connectivity capabilities.

Embotech’s PRODRIVER is in the core of the solution maneuvering the vehicles intelligently, safely, smoothly and efficiently in real time. In addition, PRODRIVER is capable of not only driving but also coordinating multiple vehicles. Depending on the level of control of the logistic center, ISO26262 ASIL B could be the acceptable level of certification required, making this product quicker to market. We will achieve ASIL B certification in Q2 2022 via our product PROTECT.


Automated Valet Parking eliminates time-consuming searches for a free parking space as well as the need to look for the vehicle later on, for it is ready and waiting at the vehicle collection point at the appointed time. And in the meantime, car park operators can use their valuable parking spaces much more efficiently: Since no one enters or exits the parking areas,

the vehicles can be parked much closer together. The operation of maintenance-intensive passenger lifts can be kept to a minimum for service personnel. Further application scenarios include vehicle transfer stations at ports, vehicle logistics centres, and general parking lot operators both in the public and private sector. 

Automated Valet Parking as shown at the IAA Mobility 2021 in collaboration with Valeo and NTT Data. This showcase presents driving maneuvers with the big three German OEMs are shown below. 

automated factory parking (AFP)

Embotech through its partnerships offers cutting-edge technology for production; automating functions for logistics and assembly processes. Production efficiency is one of the core competitive advantages of any OEM. There is one area in vehicle production that has not been automated yet, and this is driving the cars off the assembly line and into the

logistics area, where they are loaded on trucks and trains. This is still a manual process. Next-generation vehicles will be fully autonomous within facilities that are equipped with V2X communication and Lidar technology, without requiring any costly sensor or computer hardware on the vehicles themselves.

MULTI-VEHICLE coordination

The challenge of coordinating multiple dynamic vehicles is clear: expensive sensors such as Lidars are installed in the infrastructure. A perception system, able to generate an environment model, runs in a cloud server. Via a secure communication link, each vehicle is connected to the cloud.

The coordination algorithm and the motion planning algorithms for each vehicle are also executed in the cloud. Each vehicle then receives a trajectory to follow via its on-board motion controller.

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