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First-ever CE marked AVM system

Embotech with the first CE marked AVM System compliant with all relevant safety standards as attested by TÜV Süd

Jun 2024

Successful ATT Demo Days at APMT MVII!

APMT MVII organized two demo days for the Automated Terminal Turcks (ATTs) with Embotech among the partners for this Auto Prime Mover pilot project.

Apr 2024

Successful completion of the SAFE20 project

As an associated partner, we provided our virtual driver software PRODRIVER, playing a crucial role in enabling safe and precise control of fully autonomous vehicles.

Mar 2024

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Autonomous Driving in a Port Environment

Embotech welcomes the "who is who" of the European logistics industry to showcase autonomous driving maneuvers in a port environment. Selected emulated scenes include: port trailer parking, multilane road with unexpected obstacle and many more. More...

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Embotech joins SAFE20 project

Embotech officially joins SAFE20 as a new associated partner and contributes its virtual driver PRODRIVER to develop an innovative and safe solution for autonomous driving on yards. More...  

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Embotech receives Innosuisse accelerator grant

Out of 752 applications, Innosuisse' Accelerator Grant is funding 53 projects. Applications included 3 bidding stages and a 7% success rate. Embotech's highly innovative project receives above average funding. More...  

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