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Motion Planning & Energy Management

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Turbine pitch control, Industrial Machines & more

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Trajectory Planning for reusable rockets

empowering autonomous systems to make better decisions

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Embotech is a leading developer of cutting-edge decision-making software. Our embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency. Current applications include Automotive, Industrial and Aerospace Solutions.

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Embotech among the Top10 Aerospace Visionaries in Switzerland


May 28, 2019

..."transferring technology between earth, orbit and beyond" - that's what Embotech does.
Embotech has been selected by Venturelab as one of 10 Swiss Startups shaping the aerospace industry.

Motion Planning is red-hot



May 21 – 23, 2019

Great feedback for CTO Alexander Domahidi's talk on "Motion Planning at the physical limits". Embotech just spent 3 exciting days at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, showcasing our Motion Planning solutions.

Embotech exhibiting their Motion Planner Demo at Tech AD Berlin


Feb 26, 2019

Embotech attending Automotive Tech.AD in Berlin from March 11 - 12, 2019. Thanks to NXP Semiconductors' friendly support we were sharing a booth with them and showed our Motion Planning software demo on NXP's Bluebox.