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Embotech is a leading solution provider of automation systems. Our solutions and software bring significant improvements in safety, productivity, and energy efficiency to smart factories, logistics yards, ports, and mines. Applications include automated vehicle marshalling and commercial vehicle automation as well as industrial robotics automation and energy management. 


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latest News

PROBOT’s Advanced Position Control in Bystronic’s ByStar Fiber

PROBOT’s Advanced Position Control takes CNC machine performance to the next level. Embotech’s PROBOT delivers exceptional precision and accuracy, reducing maximum contour deviation by a staggering 49% in Bystronic Group‘s laser cutting machines.

Jan 2024

Autonomous Driving in a port environment

Embotech welcomes the “who is who” of the European logistics industry to showcase autonomous driving maneuvers in a port environment. Selected emulated scenes include: port trailer parking, multilane road with unexpected obstacle and many more.

Nov 2023

Embotech joins SAFE20 project

Embotech officially joins SAFE20 as a new associated partner and contributes its virtual driver PRODRIVER to develop an innovative and safe solution for autonomous driving on yards.

Sep 2023