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Embotech is a leading developer of cutting-edge decision-making software. Our embeddable software empowers autonomous systems to make decisions by solving complex optimization problems in milliseconds, bringing significant improvements in safety, productivity and energy efficiency. Current applications include Passenger and Commercial Vehicles as well as Industry and Robotics Solutions.


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latest News

Embotech receives Innosuisse Accelerator grant

Out of 752 applications, Innosuisse’ Accelerator Grant is funding 53 projects. Applications included 3 bidding stages and a 7% success rate. Embotech’s highly innovative project receives above average funding. 

May 2023

Embotech at Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

Embotech is using IPZ’s facilities for autonomous driving test runs with the Embovan and campaigns for young talent STEM promotion with Startbahn29 kids’ lab on site.

Mar 2023

Embotech: Alumni of BMW Startup Garage’s Venture Client Program

Embotech’s CEO Andreas Kyrtatos explains why BMW Startup Garage’s Venture Client program is the number one place for startups that want to conquer the automotive industry.

Mar 2023