When it comes to licensing, FORCESPRO is offered with a number of options to meet your requirements depending on the type of problem or the phase of tech development you are at. More specifically you can choose between different FORCESRO Variants (S,M,L) and Licensing Nodes:


technology development phase commercial use
Engineering SW Testing (Sil/CI) HW Testing
(HiL/Field Testing)
Series Deployment
Generate problem-specific solvers (on Windows/Linux/Max OSX), Run solver on same x86/x86_64 platform. Run solver on different x86/x86_64 platform, not controlling a physical system. Run solver on different platform, controlling a physical system, e.g. vehicle

Series deployment on a commercial application

Optional Source Code Access (SCA) and Self Hosted Service (SHS)

M LP, QP, QCQP, Binary Integer QP, NLP with SQP 
L LP, QP, QCQP, Binary Integer QP, NLP with SQP and IP solver, Mixed Integer NLP



While FORCESPRO can help you solve the most complex problems we try our best to make it as easy as possible to license and use our technology.

Step 1: Decide on the FORCESPRO variant (S, M, L) depending on type or problem you are trying to solve – if you are not sure, request a free, full 1-month trial  license (variant L) on our Customer Portal.

Step 2: Decide on the nodes you will need (type and number) depending on your resources.

Step 3: go on our Customer Portal in order to register, get and manage your licenses.

Our license prices start from CHF 800 (FORCESPRO S – Engineering Node) making FORCESPRO one of the most affordable solvers in the market. 



In the case you are new to FORCESPRO we will be happy to onboard you and help you get the most out of FORCESPRO from day one.

Step 1: Set up a call with our experts so that we will understand better your application and needs and will propose the right set-up.

Step 2: Following that we offer a demo with our engineers in order to walk you through FORCESPRO and answer any questions you might have.

Step 3: Get a 30-day trial license for evaluation.

Fill in the Webform or arrange a meeting with our team in order to kick off the process or to discuss other options (e.g. floating licenses). Alternatively, go straight to our customer portal in order to set up an account and request the 30-day trial license.

Do not forget to to let us know if you are a Startup. We offer special discounts to help young companies to get their tech off the ground. Requirements:
a) company established less than 3 years ago, b) less than 10 employees.




We offer three different nodes depending on the phases of your project – each one available in S, M, L.

Engineering Node: Engineering nodes refer to having a FORCESPRO client on a host PC, being able to generate solvers and being able to run simulations in the host PC they are generated on. With this license you will be able to work on your problem formulation, generate the appropriate solver and run some initial simulations.

Software (SW) Testing Node: Software Testing nodes refer to enabling additional host machines for the solvers to run in, without activating them for solver generation. This is usually used in case one needs to run the solvers on server VMs in order to test performance on a larger set of test problems, in an automated fashion (unattended simulations) or on machines where internet connection is not available for solver generation.

Hardware (HW) Testing Node: Once you have run your simulations and you are happy with your solver, it is time to try it on your target HW. HW Testing nodes enable your solver to run on an embedded system and to control a physical system, e.g. a vehicle.

Note: both SW Testing Nodes and HW Testing Nodes require an active Engineering Node.




We will be happy to discuss with you different options related to series deployment – even before you are done with your tech development. We are here to support you during any Certification Process and under special agreement provide optional Source Code Access or self-hosted service. Please contact our sales team for more information.



Our Customer Portal is the platform to use for managing all your licensing activity around FORCESPRO. You can order licenses, select HW type, create and manage license groups, assign licenses to your engineers, renew and upgrade licenses. Everything in one single location.

Our dedicated FORCESPRO support team is available to support you throughout the process not only with licensing but also with getting the most out of FORCESPRO.


As a former ETH Zurich spin-off we aim to support academia by providing access to our technology for free. We believe this a great way to give back to the academic community and at the same time receive valuable insights.

This applies both to professors who would like to use FORCESPRO in their curriculum and to individual students who would like to use our tech in their research.

Professors please go ahead and drop us a quick note using the web form below.

Students, feel free to visit our CUSTOMER PORTAL and go through the process. What you will need is your academic email address, a copy of your student card/academic ID and signed version of the Academic License Agreement (below). Please make sure you check the field “Academic Use”.

Young professionals program

For people who have used FORCESPRO in academia and now join a commercial organization, we are offering a 1-Year FORCESPRO License for free.

The only conditions are:

  • Free license can be claimed up to 12 months after graduation
  • One FORCESPRO license per graduate
  • License to be registered under a commercial organization (using your new email address)

To claim the license, please visit our Customer Portal and order a Commercial License. Then, send us an email at  and mention “Young Professionals”. After verification of your request we will apply the full discount for the young professional program.


We also believe that academic competitions are ideal in order to bring technology further. We have already sponsored a few team in different fields. If you believe that our tech will bring your project forward do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you access to our tech and to see your team progressing.

As a first step, download the License Agreement below for your review and drop us a note through the webform with more information to identify the way forward.

Get a license

If you are interested in licensing our technology, feel free to fill out the web-form on the right. We will contact you in order to understand better your needs, suggest the right product while providing you guidance and support. Alternatively, you can directly book a meeting with our experts and we will take it from there. After all, our success goes through yours!