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Find on this page all the material you need to implement your own FORCESPRO-based solution. The features and the API are explained in the documentation. If you are interested in the algorithmic details of FORCESPRO, you can find here as well the relevant publications. You will find as well the publications that describe the application of FORCESPRO to specific problems.


Do I need an internet connection to use FORCESPRO?

You don’t need an internet connection to run a FORCESPRO solver, once it has been generated. For the standard FORCESPRO you will need an internet connection to generate the solver. A self-hosted version is offered for enterprise clients. Please contact

Do you offer a self-hosted version without any communication with Embotech servers?

Yes, a self-hosted version is offered for enterprise clients. Please contact

What kind of data do you store when I use FORCESPRO to generate a solver

For nonlinear programs, we collect and store only the dimensions of the problem to allow for static memory allocation. The code generation for the model (e.g. derivative infomation) happens entirely locally on your computer. For convex problems, we collect and store the data that is not declared as parameters, e.g. matrices that are integrated into the solver. You can always declare all matrices/vectors to be parameters. In addition to the above, we collect and store the codeoptions struct and statistics about the solver generation request (platform, time of request, etc.).

Can I buy a license that includes source code access?

Yes, for enterprise clients. Please contact

How can I ensure to keep using FORCESPRO solvers in my products forever?

Licenses with source code access include an escrow agreement.

Can you prove mathematically that FORCESPRO will always find a solution/converge?

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no mathematical proof. Good news: for appropriate formulation of the optimization problem and tuning of the solver, the needs for serial deployment can be fulfilled. This also includes the certification of the product for safety-critical applications.

What type of support do you offer?

Our support can help you with onboarding with FORCESPRO. Further going support is available for commercial licenses, where we are happy to help you with development, e.g. tuning of the solver in order to reduce computation time. There exist various possibilities for communication such as E-Mail or Slack channel. FORCESPRO comes along with a dump tool that allows you to easily transfer your optimization problem to us, so that we can analyze it with your settings, see Dump Tool.

Which platforms does FORCESPRO support?

A broad range of processors and platforms are supported. Please have a look at: Features.

My platform is not supported yet – could you add support?

Please contact It’s usually straightforward to add additional platforms, if we have access to the compiler toolchain.

My FORCESPRO solver is too slow for my application, are there ways to reduce computation time?

Please contact There are lots of tuning knobs in the solver, and our team is eager to help you get the highest performance for your application and platform.

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If you'd like to find out more about FORCESPRO, let us know. Either use the webform on the right or book a meeting via the link below. Our team of experts will be happy to discuss more details with you.