Due to the technological and physical limitations of current energy storage technologies, driving range is one of the biggest challenges for electric propulsion systems. PRORANGE, a family of SW energy management products and developed for purely electric but also for hybrid-electric powertrains, meets this challenge. PRORANGE utilizes cutting-edge numerical optimization technologies to maximize the range achievable from the existing powertrain and energy storage system. They seamlessly optimize the velocity profile, the battery state-of-charge and, in the case of hybrid powertrains, the power distribution between combustion engine and electric motor as well as other key parameters.

mission optimization

Our Mission Optimization solution provides a real-time advisory system to the driver that ensures the most efficient speed profile control and energy/fuel usage for the entire trip. By taking the detailed information from the surrounding environment such as road profile, speed limits, weather conditions, fuel/charger station queuing and prices, the algorithm can determine the ideal vehicle acceleration profile and the most time- or cost-efficient charging/refueling locations.

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The solution is devised as a bi-level controller, with the upper layer being the global mission manager and the lower layer acting as a short-term predictive speed controller. Mission manager is a cloud-based optimization algorithm that operates on a longer timescale and captures the complete route in order to ensure energy feasibility throughout the trip. Based on the vehicle state like position, speed and state-of-charge level, the global speed and charging plan is constantly updated and exchanged with the lower layer controller for further efficiency improvement. In contrast to the coarse road discretization on the mission manager, this on-board predictive controller uses a fine-grained road profile and shorter prediction horizon, thus capturing a more accurate representation of necessary vehicle and battery dynamics.

Using our proprietary FORCESPRO solver suite, the two mission optimization algorithms are highly efficient and tractable in real-time, both in on-board and off-board setup.

Dynamic routing for fleet management

Our Dynamic Routing solution provides a real-time optimization module for energy-efficient routing and speed control for the entire vehicle fleet. Given a set of tasks/missions for each vehicle, it determines the optimal routing plan that maximizes the productivity of the entire fleet. Additionally, it provides the optimal speed profile for each vehicle that ensures energy-efficient operation without any intersection or road conflicts.

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Similar to our Mission Optimization solution, Dynamic Routing is devised as a bi-level controller, with the upper layer being the fleet-level optimizer and the lower layer regulating the speed profile of each individual vehicle. As such, the upper layer acts as a fleet routing algorithm, and provides a sequence of roads and driving actions to be taken by every vehicle in order to maximize mission execution and avoid unnecessary congestions or waiting times at intersections and arrival locations. Furthermore, the routing solution respects various road regulations like takeover and bypassing as well as the priority of arrival of different vehicles. In contrast, the lower layer represents a modified version of the Mission Optimizer which optimizes the speed/acceleration profile of each vehicle in order to maximize its energy efficiency.



Using our proprietary FORCESPRO solver suite, the two mission optimization algorithms are highly efficient and tractable in real-time.




Energy-conscious ACC

Our ENERGY-CONSCIOUS ACC solution provides a real-time optimization module for energy-efficient vehicle longitudinal control. This technology requires mathematical models of the vehicle and the environment. It can accommodate stochastic information such as traffic predictions and weather.

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Models are either provided by the customer or developed specifically for the application. Because of the ability of our solver FORCESPRO to deal effectively with complex and nonlinear optimization, high-fidelity models can be used to reach higher performance. The technology is patent pending.

Energy-optimization formula e

Our ENERGY-OPTIMIZATION solution has been applied in Formula-E and used by the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team to manage energy consumption during the races. With the 2nd generation of FE cars, drivers can use up to 52kWh during the 45 minutes races.

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This energy budget is still not sufficient for constantly driving with maximum energy consumption, so the teams have to find smart methods to save on energy and concurrently keeping the highest possible pace. In contrary to precomputed strategies, computing optimal strategies online on the car facilitates flexible adaptation to eventualities such as full course yellow periods or safety car deployments. For this reason, the software needs to be capable of dealing with all foreseen and unforeseen eventualities during the race.


In 2022 we have been awarded grant funding to advance the maturity level of this technology. Funding is provided by the SWISS SECRETARIAT FOR INNOVATION AND RESEARCH (SERI).

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