We are delighted to announce the release of FORCES PRO 1.8.0

The new version comes with several exciting features:


• A new solver for nonlinear programs with discrete (integer) decisions is now available. Our MI-NLP solver offers a parallelizable search and customizable branching and rounding heuristics combined with static memory allocation and MISRA-C compliance, making it the ideal choice for safety-critical and/or embedded applications. The solver’s efficiency is demonstrated on an F8 Crusader aircraft example.
• New support for several real-time and embedded platforms such as Speedgoat, more information can be found here.

and Green Hills Software’s Integrity, real-time operating system (RTOS) for ARM based platforms, more information can be found here.

• FORCES PRO’s portability has been extended as it can now be run on Docker containers, useful for building cloud-based massive simulations and scalable applications with FORCES solvers in the loop.

• The parametric API has been made more user-friendly, and now enables users to push a lot more parameters to solvers with less hassle. More information can be found here.
• A full list of the 1.8.0 changes can be found here.

Switching to the new version is free of charge for existing users, and is made easy by our auto-update function. Alternatively, you can use the new server at:

Note: Version 1.6.123 will go offline as of July 31st, 2019.