When it comes to licensing, PROBOT is offered with a number of options to meet your needs depending on the specific solution requirements and the phase of tech development you are at.


  technology development phase commercial use
  Evaluation & Integration (named user) SW Testing (Sil/CI) HW Testing
(HiL/Field Testing)
Series Deployment

Run PROBOT in simulations and integrate it into your software stack

Run automated simulations, continuous integration, validation tests with PROBOT Run PROBOT on a hardware platform controlling a physical system

Series deployment for a commercial application.

Optional Source Code Access (SCA)



We offer three different nodes depending on the tech development phase of your project.

Evaluation & Integration Node: Those nodes refer to having a PROBOT client on an engineer’s PC for the purpose of: tuning, interactive simulations and integration into the clients software stack. Those are named user licenses.

Software Testing Node: Software testing nodes refer to enabling additional machines for PROBOT to run on client’s hardware. Customers use this when they want to run continuous integration (CI) / automated tests / validation tests on server / VMs (e.g. Jenkins).

Hardware Testing Node: Hardware testing nodes refer to nodes for controlling a physical system. The software is specifically compiled for the embedded HW platform and OS of the system to be controlled and for use in a real-life testing environment.

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We look forward to onboard you to PROBOT and help you bring your solution further.  Book a meeting with our PROBOT team so that we will understand better your application and needs: it will help us to identify the right PROBOT setup for your application, provide you with the appropriate documentation and agree on the options for integration and evaluation.

Alternatively, fill out the Webform and we will come back to you with more information. We are confident that we will find the right solution for you.


We will be happy to discuss with you different options related to series deployment – even before you are done with your tech development. We are here to support you during serialization and the certification process. Please contact our sales team for more information.

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