General features

PRODRIVER is a ground vehicle virtual driver software. By using physical mathematical models of the vehicle and by representing the driving requirements as mathematical expressions, the motion planning problem is translated into an optimization problem that is solved continuously. Trajectories are therefore updated in real time and fast enough to guarantee safe reaction to moving obstacles and seamless driving performance. Below are some of the main characteristics of PRODRIVER.


  • Built on state-of-the-art MISRA-C compliant real-time optimization technology FORCESPRO
  • Capable of planning complex maneuvers at the physical limits, delivering smooth driving trajectories and passenger comfort
  • Fast adaptation to future vehicles – no machine learning or vehicle training required
  • Deterministic mathematical approach based on physics, allowing for easier certification
  • Same motion planning core for all ADAS/AD functions – from ACC to full autonomy
  • Can drive in mixed traffic and never encountered situations
  • Can coordinate multiple vehicles
  • Gated areas certified from Q3 2024
  • It is provided with a set of tools for tuning and visualization.


Looking for more information?


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